End-User License Agreement

This End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between You and IT Street regarding Your use of PersonalLife (“the Software”). Your use of the Software is governed by this EULA. You must accept this EULA as a whole. If you disagree with this EULA or any of its conditions, you must stop using the Software immediately and uninstall it from all of your mobile devices. From time to time We may, in Our sole discretion, update or modify the terms of this EULA. The most recent version of this EULA is located at: www.pl-app.com/terms-of-use/.

Downloads and Distribution

The Software is copyrighted property of IT Street protected by local and international copyright laws. The use of Our Software is governed by these laws and this End-User License Agreement (EULA). You may not re-distribute the Software in any way. You agree to use the Software for personal, non-commercial use only.

Using and Modifying the Software

The Software is licensed to You, not sold to You. You have the right to lawfully obtain the Software from Us or Our authorized distributors. You are not allowed to modify the Software in any way. You may not reverse-engineer the Software or circumvent its security and protection measures. You are not allowed to install or use altered or modified versions of the Software. The use of such modified versions substitutes a violation of the International Copyright Law and may be legally prosecuted. You agree that You are using the Software AS IS. You accept that the Software may contain bugs that may affect its functionality, and accept full and sole responsibility for using the Software.

No Liability for End-User Content

You understand and accept that IT Street is not liable for and does not control information generated, submitted and stored by You on IT Streets servers. Your photos, videos, audio, text notes and other information remain Your sole property and Your responsibility. This includes all information stored within PersonalLife or on Our servers in your PersonalCloud account. You (and not IT Street) remain fully liable for Your content.

Provisions for Using Your Personal Information

IT Street is committed to Your privacy. We aim to protect Your personal information from any unauthorized third parties. We will not pass Your personal information to any third parties with the sole exception of serving a legally issued court order.

Terms of Storing Information in PersonalLife and PersonalCloud

All information stored in PersonalLife (the app) as well as in PersonalCloud (the cloud) is encrypted with a unique 256-bit key. We make all reasonable efforts to protect Our servers against unauthorized access. However, You accept that We are not responsible nor liable for securing your information against all types of attacks.

Terms of Storing Information in PersonalCloud

We will keep your information on Our servers in Your PersonalCloud account for as long as you keep using PersonalLife (Free or Pro) or until You explicitly delete Your account. However, due to the limited resources available, We will only keep Your backup data for 90 days since Your last activity (launching PersonalLife on one of Your mobile devices and checking in with Our servers) if You are using the Free version of the Software. If You are using the Pro version of the Software, We will keep Your backup data for as long as You maintain Your subscription. If You choose to cancel Your subscription, We will keep Your backup data for 90 days since Your paid subscription was terminated.