Protects your photos, videos and personal data and automatically syncs across all your devices.

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Main Features

Protect your private data with PersonalLife, and we’ll secure your information.

  • Reliable protection

    How secure is your personal data? With PersonalLife, you can stop worrying! Your files are protected with secure 256-bit encryption. No one can get access them without your permission.

  • Backup and synchronization

    No need to manually backup and restore your data! Just sign in with your account on multiple devices, and your files and data will sync seamlessly in real-time!

  • Fake password

    There are situations where you might be forced to unlock your phone and launch PersonalLife. But don’t you worry! Just use your second password to unlock the app. That fake password will only unlock fake data.

  • Absolutely free

    We don’t twist your arms with the Pro upgrade. You are free to use PersonalLife for as long as you like.

Why choose PersonalLife

There are password managers and there are apps to encrypt your photos. With PersonalLife, you just need one app for everything. Your complete data set is securely protected, backed up and always at your fingertips.

Photo and Video

Manage photos in albums, add your photos or record videos.

Audio Records

Need to make a note on the go? Just push a button to record an audio note!


Create protected notes. Customize fonts and colors or add images.

Contact List

Add or import contacts, add photos and make calls right from the app.

Credit Cards

Keep financial information protected and accessible only by you.

Personal Data

Protect your logins, accounts, passwords, miles and points as well as any other data.


PersonalCloud is your private cloud account. With this service, you’ll be able to keep an up to date copy of your data securely encrypted. Your information will be synced automatically across your devices in real time.

  • Sounds complicated? Just run the app and login with your email address!
  • Lost your phone or got a new one? Just install our app and watch your data land on your new device in a matter of minutes!
  • Still unsure about security of cloud accounts? Don’t you worry! Your files are kept securely encrypted, and no one could ever decrypt them without knowing your password.
  • Limited mobile data? The app can sync via Wi-Fi only.
  • Still have concerns about your privacy? We designed PersonalCloud so that no one but you can decrypt your files.

The Pro Edition

PersonalLife is absolutely free to download and use. If you need more features than the free version has to offer, you are very welcome to consider the Pro upgrade.

  • Free

    • Secure Backup
    • Multi-Device Sync
    • PIN or Pattern
    • Touch ID
    • Larger PersonalCloud Space
    • Restore from Recycle Bin
    • Capture Break-ins
    • Face-down Detection
    • Fake Pin
  • Pro

    • Secure Backup
    • Multi-Device Sync
    • PIN or Pattern
    • Touch ID
    • Larger PersonalCloud Space
    • Restore from Recycle Bin
    • Capture Break-ins
    • Face-down Detection
    • Fake Pin

Exemplary Usability

We designed PersonalLife so that anyone can start using it in minutes. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of the app, and we’ll take care of everything that’s under the hood.

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